Illustration Friday – “Internet”

To be honest, this weeks Illustration Friday topic has been really hard to come up with something for. Especially since I sometimes feel so “fed up” with the digital world. I work with visual interfaces on a day-to-day basis and it’s good to come home, sit down in front og the sketchbook and use my hands for drawing and painting for a change.

I also miss sending and receiving mail. As a kid I used to have 5 pen pals at any given time. Every day I would run to the mailbox to see if there were any new letters for me. And I remember the rush going through me when I felt there was a letter there and I saw that it had my name on it.

Other than that, I have to say – if it wasn’t for the Internet I would have probably not had found the courage to chase my dreams to become a designer and I wouldn’t have met some really awesome people.

Illustration Friday – “Sound”

Hello and happy new year to everyone! I have opened this new version of the blog, and it still needs a little polishing up. I am aiming to use it a little bit towards my illustration & craft explorations in addition to photography. I’m trying out for the second Illustration Friday topic of the year – which is “Sound”.

I am struggling so much with making my watercolor illustrations look professional. The edges of the different flowers are bleeding because of the paint accumulating there. I have no idea how to remove the texture in Photoshop, but my guess is that it’s better to use different paper to paint on in the first place (probably hot pressed, and a lot thicker than the type I use now).  There will be a lot of trial and failure with mediums, composition etc. Hopefully there will be a learning curve to follow!

Btw. I also signed up for and I am exploring all sorts of painting classes there! I especially love Lisa Cogdon’s classes.

Summer snaps






1-2. From a walk with my sweet childhood friend Ingvild. Although we don’t always manage solve all our life problems when we are together, each second spent together is quality time.

3.-6. From my Mamas garden. I visited just in time to see the peonies bloom.

My computer is a hot mess after editing huge backlogs of photos.  Time to give it a rest for tonight 🙂